LaserBrick Veneer Adhesive

Gorilla Construction Adhesive Specs And Features 

  • Brand name is Gorilla 
  • Comes in white color 
  • Compatible material is brick 
  • Holds in just 30 seconds 
  • 100% adhesive formula 
  • VOC Compliant

Gorilla Construction Adhesive Review 

We already know how effective Gorilla adhesives are. These are popular, versatile, tough and strong adhesives with many more facilities. It is a heavy-duty bond that comes with a water-resistant feature. 

It just needs 30 seconds to hold in position. The most interesting fact is you can reposition it within the time if required. Also, it is flexible and paintable. It bonds wood, tile, ceramic, and drywall effectively. 

Moreover, it has a low odor. So, you don’t need to tolerate the harsh scent of it. I consider it a long-lasting, heavy-duty adhesive with a 100% waterproof formula. It is a good choice as a construction adhesive for brick.