LaserGrade LaserWood, (Baltic Birtch)

With the shortage of Baltic Birtch due to the Russian/Ukraine conflict; LaserSketch has developed a New Wood Craft Ply, (LaserWood), grown and fabricated in the USA. The wood craft ply is 3 ply, (3mm), thick. Laser cuts leaving a dark cut edge, engraves with a dark image, so as you do not have to mask and spray back with LaserDark to give contrast. The LaserWood will not roll or wrap when being cut or engraved. The wood finish is smooth and if you wish, takes to staining and finishing with very little prep work. We believe this will be an excellent replacement for Baltic Birtch.

With a 50watt laser, to cut use 50% Speed and 15% power: to engrave 50% power and 35% speed.