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LaserGrade™ Super Black Granite Laser Tiles

This is where it all begins:




M = Marble
G = Granite
AB= Absolute Black
MB = LaserGrade Black Granite
MHS = Memorial Head Stone
EP = Square Polished Edge
ASP = All Sides Polished
BEP = Beveled Edges Polished
BASP = Beveled All Surfaces Polished
5F = Front Surface and Edges Polished
6F = All Surfaces Polished (ASP)

 Laser Setting for 35 watt CO2

  • Laser Power - 30 to 35%
  • Speed - 35 inch/second
  • For Photo Engraving use 150 - 200 dpi/ppiw/2" focal length lens.
  • or logos/lettering use 600dpi/ppi