LaserGrade™ Color Back-Fill™


Absolute Black Marble Engraving, M-AB-5x7EP @300dpi. Color back filling accomplished by Terry of Back Filled with different color's of LaserGrade Color Back Fill

Specially formulated for use on Marble and/or Granite Stone and Glass after lasering to high-lite the Lasered Area.

Use a Microfiber Fabric Tipped Swab to apply a small amount to lasered area and then wipe off excess with cotton or paper towel. 

Back-fill material is very thick and goes a long way: Do not remove the top skim, just punch thru the skim


ColorFill by Terry of 

Clean-up: The solvent for the ColorFill is Xylene, sometimes sold under the trade name of Xylon.
Can be found in most paint stores. Clean Up Immediately after use. Gloves should always be
worn with above materials. If you should get some of the ColorFill on your skin you can
use Orange Goop Hand Cleaner a Natural Citrus cleaner.