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New CerMark Ultra

With the new CerMark ULTRA product customers only need to stock one product making it easier, faster, better and more profitable than ever before.    

Same high contrasting quality marks The newly developed CerMark ULTRA Aerosol & Paste continues the tradition set by the Cermark LMM-6000 & LMM-14 delivering the same high contrast, quality laser marks.  

Same durability as LMM-6000 & LMM-14: Resistant to common strong acids, bases, organic solvents and extreme heat or cold. In addition to good salt spray resistance, scratch resistance and QUV resistance.  

Will not stain (tarnish) sensitive metals Will not stain or tarnish sensitive metals such as brass, copper, sterling silver, steel and others like other laser marking products can.

All in one product: The newly developed CerMark ULTRA offers improved performance delivering the highest quality mark in the industry for metals, glass, ceramics and more. No need to have more than one marking material in your shop, the newly developed Black CerMark will do it all.

Same handling qualities as the LMM-6000; Same handling characteristics as LMM-6000; which means, once it is dry it will not rub off on your fingers while handling it. This will allow you to coat your parts a head of engraving time. After the parts are dry you can stack and or store the parts to laser mark later.

Fast drying same the LMM-6000 Formulated with alcohol and diluted with alcohol which allows it to dry fast. The dilution ratios remains the same as LMM-6000 & LMM-14, 1:1 for spraying and 2:1 for brush on applications.

No hard settle after thinning Formulated to eliminate hard settle resulting in a softer settle which allows for easy mixing before use.

Improved Aerosol performance Eliminates the need to clear the spray system by inverting the can and spray after use. A specially designed valve system was introduced in the manufacturing of the new CerMark ULTRA Aerosol can allowing for improved usage.