LaserGrade™ Black Diamond Granite


Black Diamond Stone (Granite), Plaques, for Laser Engraving or Sand Carving

  • Black Diamond Stone, (Granite)
  • Polished Front/ Back and 4 edges (6 face polished)
  • with a 5mm Beveled top edge.
  • Each plaque packaged in a bubble pack bag.

Laser Setting for a 35 watt CO2 Laser

  • Power - 45 to 50%
  • Speed - 35 inch/second
  • For Photo Engraving use 150 - 200 dpi, w/2" focal length lens



Laser Engraved with a 35 watt, CO2 laser, 100% Power, 50% Speed at 1200DPI 

Presentation Box with Laser Engraved Photographic on S-BD-6.5 Heart-ASP

Black Box with foam packaging. All enclosed with in a white box sleeve.