Wood Plaque Holders & Frames

Wood Plaque Holders & Alter Frames  

Photo Engraving accomplished by Artistic Laser of Las Vegas


 T01035 finished Piano Wood Shadow Box, Wall/Desk Plaque, with 1/4" recessed area to display a Brass Plaque, Absolute Black Marble Plaque Laser Engraved, Dark Green Marble Plaque Laser Engraved or Sand Carved and Gold Filled or a back ground field of Black Velvet.

Mahogany Satin Finished Wood Plaques Holder with 1/4" recessed area to display, Brass Plaque, Absolute Black Marble Laser Engraved Plaque, Dark Green Marble Laser Engraved and Gold Filled Plaque or a Black Velvet background.



Custom Made Red Alter Picture Frames  come with a Solid Face,  Easel Back which may be hung Vertical or Horizontal as well as rest Vertical on a flat surface. Will hold Marble Plaques or the New Photo Plas-Tic Micro-surface impact acrylic material. The Adler Wood Frame may be personalized via Laser Engraving.