LaserGrade™ MB Granite™ Laser Tiles

LaserGrade MB Granite is as Black as Absolute Black Marble with no white and very small to no grain, (Crystals). Application for MB Black Granite includes Photo Engraved Floor Murals, Back Splashed, Fire Place Surrounds, Counter Tops, Trophy Bases and Memorial Head Stones. If your need is for producing Photo Engraving for the out of doors or walling surface this is the material for you.

All MB Black Granite comes with Square Polished or Polished Beveled Edges.


MB Granite in the "RAW"





Laser Setting for 35 watt CO2

  • Laser Power - 35 to 40%
  • Speed - 50%
  • For Photo Engraving use 150 to 250 dpi/ppi
  • For Logos use 600 dpi, With a 2" focal length lens

**** Quantity Discount****

  • 10 cases -10%
  • 15 cases -15%
  • 20 cases up-20%
You may mix sizes for case count, discount reflected in final invoice

MB Granite Starter Slab



  • M = Marble
  • G = Granite
  • AB= Absolute Black
  • MB = LaserGrade Black Granite
  • MHS = Memorial Head Stone
  • EP = Square Polished Edge
  • ASP = All Sides Polished
  • BEP = Beveled Edges Polished
  • BASP = Beveled All Surfaces Polished
  • 5F = Front Surface and Edges Polished
  • 6F = All Surfaces Polished (ASP)

LaserGrade MB Granite ready for the saw





LaserGrade MB Granite Slabs



LaserGrade MB Granite Slabs