EdgeLite Strips in RED, Blue, Green or White

Product Information

Our Power EdgeLite Strips are extremely bright, comes equipped with a 12v/1A/110vac power supply you plug right into the wall outlet, or a optional 8-AA Battery Holder when AC power is not available. The Powered EdgeLite Strips are connected to power supply via a 5.5mm/2.1mm barrel connector. Each strip comes with a total of 12 foot of black cord with the barrel connector located in the center of the wiring. You can also extend the length with an extension cable, found below. (cord length is actually longer than the cord show in photo)

Quantity Discount

  • 50 Kits -10%
  • 100 Kits -15%
  • 200 Kits -20%
  • You may mix sizes and color for Quantity Discount
edgeli6.jpg edgeli7.jpg edgeli8.jpg

 Fluor Red, Yellow and Blue ChemCast Acrylic Plastic with White EdgeLite LED


Small Signs for the Trade Show  12" x 5" x 1/8" ChemCast Plastic with White EdgeLite Kit Attached

elorange.png elgreen.png
White-Lite on Fluor Orange

White-Lite on Fluor Green Edge

el-white-1.png elred.png
 White-Lite on Clear

White-Lite on Fluor Red

elyellow.png elwhitemirror.png
White-Lite on Fluor Yellow

White-Lite on MICL Mirror


Basketball Possession Arrow Indicator,  24" x 6"