LaserGrade™ Crystal Gifts

Crystal Gift items may be Laser Engraved or Sand Carved, Engraving area on Diamond Paperweights are limited, but large enough to personalized:

Optical Crystal is a lead-free, colorless, optical quality material that is considered to be one of the finest crystal products available. The quality is so pure and flawless that it is used in the optics industries for a variety of applications such as prescription eye glasses, telescopes, laser optics and microscopes. Contrary to popular belief, optical crystal is a relatively soft material and hence it takes very well to sand carving and laser engraving process.

A diamond is forever, and our fabulous crystal diamonds replicates the natural gem in its portrayal of the four C's: Color, Clarity, Carat, and cut. They are crystal clear in clarity and color, the total weight in carats, one can only dream and the cut is brilliant. Give this exquisite crystal diamond to anyone in your life for a special occasion.


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