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LaserGrade™ LaserSlab™ Super Black Mural Blanks


Super Black Granite Mural Grade Blanks, LaserSlab:

LaserSketch internationally known for their LaserGrade Absolute Black Marble and Super Black Granite now introduces Super Black LaserSlab, Available in 1200mm x 1200mm  x 8mm thickness, (~3/16" thickness).  Super Black Granite LaserSlab at 8mm thickness gives a completely new engravable canvas for large scale engraving, whether Counter Top, Foyer, Lobby Entry Ways, Patio, Pool Decks, Condominiums, Offices or Wall Murals.

Do to its lite weight, less that 5 pounds per square foot, makes for ease of installation, reduced installation cost, reduced shipping cost and reduced chance of breakage.

LaserSlab's engravability is the material of choice for Laser Engravers and SandCarvers doing large scale engravings. 

Super Black LaserSlab Granite Mural Blanks with very small crystal - to no crystal pattern for excellent frosty white Photo Engraving:  The Murals Blanks are ground to 8mm thickness with an epoxy fiberglass backing to give structural integrity. Blanks will be delivered via UPS Freight in a vertical wood container. The Mural blanks are not to be handle via the corners so as to flex the Muriel Blanks. The Mural Blanks are square cut so as when put into position, after engraving,  a continuous wall of solid black with frosty white engraving will appear with out grouting. To have a wall without seams use black epoxy on the edges of the Mural Blanks when installing.

For more information on ordering and delivery of the below Mural Blanks  please call Captain Jim @ 630-243-6360

Laser Setting for a 35 watt CO2 Laser

  • Power - 35 to 40%
  • Speed - 35 inch/second
  • For Photo Engraving use 200 - 300 dpi/ppi, w/2" focal length lens
  • For none Photo Engraving, Use 600dpi

Price Break on 2 or more Blanks

Pricing includes crating

ls-sup7.jpg ls-sup8.jpg
Super Black Granite, 1200mm x 1200mm x 8mm Showing Fiberglass backing for structural integrity