LaserGrade Crystal SunChasers & Ornaments

LaserGrade Engravable Crystal Glass SunChasers/Christmas Ornaments

Sale Pricing
24 - 48 Ornaments @$4.75
48 - 96 Ornaments @$4.49
97 plus Ornaments @$4.22
All quantity discounts will be calculated at final invoice, you may mix and match for finial count
Each SunChaser/Ornament comes with a blue velvet bag and gold stretch string for hanging .

Laser Engravable High Quality  Glass  SunChaser/Christmas Ornaments and  Beautifully Beveled  Glass SunChaser/Christmas Ornaments.

Engraving  Settings with a 35watt CO2  LaserPower 60%,  Speed of 35 inches/sec and a DPI/PPI of 600 For engravings photos, engrave @ 150dpi. On a Universal Laser use quality setting of 5