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LaserGrade Materials and Supplies:

    Laser Engravable Stone: 
* LaserGrade™ Absolute Black Marble Squares, Rounds, Ovals, Hearts & Rectangles
LaserGrade™ Absolute Black Marble-Hard, Square Tiles  
* Honey Onyx Mural Blanks 
* LaserGrade ™ Dark Green Marble
* LaserGrade™ Imperial White Marble
* LaserGrade™Paper Weights/Pen Bases

* LaserGrade™ MB Granite™ Memorial HeadStones
LaserGrade™ MB Granite Laser Tiles

* LaserGrade™ Super Black Granite Laser Tiles

* LaserGrade™ KeepSake Boxes & Cremation Granite Urns

* LaserGrade™ LaserSlab Super Black Mural Blanks  

* LaserGrade™ Black Diamond Stone
LaserGrade™ Granite Cubes
* LaserGrade™ Granite Dog Bones, Paws and Daisy

     TherMark/CerMark Marking Materials

* LaserGrade™ TherMark/CerMark Marking Material

       Red Street Paver Engravable Bricks
* LaserGrade™ LaserBrick Red Engraving Brick   

      Coaster Sets
* LaserGrade™ Glass, Leather, Marble and Granite Coasters

       EdgeLite Kits
*  LaserGrade™ EdgeLite Kits
*  LaserGrade™ Black Acrylic Light Base  
 LaserGrade™ EdgeLite Sign Starter Kits



 *  LaserGrade™ LaserRocks

*  LaserGrade™ Agate Slices

*  LaserGrade™ Extra Large Agate Slices
*  LaserGrade™ Agate Pendant Jewelry

       Cremation Pendant
*  LaserGrade™ Cremation Pendant

Laser Engravable High End Trophies & Awards
* LaserGrade™ High End Trophies  
LaserGrade™ High End Marble Award Plaques

     Starter Kits
LaserGradeStarter Kits

     New Products Page
* New Products  

     LaserGrade Tribute Stands  

* LaserGrade™ Tribute Stands
* LaserGrade™ Wire Frame Garden Stakes
* LaserGrade™ Pillar Plaque Stands

    LaserGrade Leather Products
* LaserGrade™ Leather Products

       Laser Engravable Giftware and Accessories

* Laser Engravable Custom Wood Deskware 
* Laser Engravable Giftware  
* Laser Engravable Glass Ornaments
* Laser Engravable Colored Ornaments  

* Laser Engravable Just Hearts  
* Peel and Press Icons
* Easels for Plaques
* EaselBack for Plaques
* Marble Pen Base & Accessories    

     Laser Engravable Crystal and Glass:  

* LaserGrade Optical Crystal  
* LaserGrade Crystal Gifts  
* Laser Engravable Glass Jewelry Boxes
* Laser Engravable Trophy Plates
* Laser Engravable Luminary

* Laser Engravable LED Light Bases  
LaserGrade Art Glass Awards

     Laser Engravable Laminate Plastic, ChemCast Sheet;
     Laser Engravable Metal Sheet Stock 

LaserGrade™ PhotoPlas-Tic   
* LaserGrade™ ChemCast Acrylic Plastic Sheet  
* LaserGrade™ Engravable Plastic
LaserFrost Sheet/Oval Blanks 

* LaserGradeAluminum and Brass Plaque Stock  
* LaserGradeEngravable Tags   

     Laser Engravable Wood Products & Cork
LaserGrade Engravable Wood Veneer's & Thin's
* Laser Engravable Cedar Boxes      
Laser Engravable Wood Boxes  
* LaserGrade Piano Wood Plaque
* LaserGrade™ Cork  
Wood Plaque Holders & Frames   

Laser Engravable Jewelry

* LaserSketch Laser Engravable Black & Color Onyx Jewelry
* LaserSketch Custom Jewelry Pouches and Gift Bags

    LaserGrade Equipment
BOFA Fume Extraction Units 


    LaserGrade Samples

Laser Supplies
LaserGrade™ Color Back-Fill
 * LaserGrade™ TransferRite Paper Masking
 * LaserGrade™ Supplies
 * LaserGrade™ Optics Cleaning Kit
LaserGrade™ TherMark/CerMark Marking Material

 * LaserGrade™ Baltic Birch Plywood

* LaserDark

LaserBuzz Software

     Starter Kits
LaserGrade™ Starter Kits

    How do you do that!
LaserGrade™ Plastic Bending Strip Heater 
* MSDS Technical Data

     Who is LaserSketch
LaserSketch's Warehouse and Dealer's Showroom
Dealer's Show Case


LaserSketch Ltd is a recognized leader in the Laser Engraving and Sand Carving  Industry, as an importer and wholesale distributor of Laser Engravable and Sand Carving Marble, Granite, Custom Onyx Jewelry, Shell Jewelry and Laser Engravable Accessories. Our products are sold in some of the finest retail stores in the world.

We sell wholesale only and not directly to the public.

If you are a consumer please feel free to browse our site and if you would like to find a retailer near you who carries our products, please feel free to contact us.





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