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Laser Grade Premium Piano Wood Plaques

Premium Piano Wood Plaque Board: From the Originators of Piano Wood Plaques, the finish takes up to 10 separate coats of lacquer and continuous polishing to give the wood that real Piano gleam and smooth beveled edges. The gleaming finish accents beautifully as a background for brass, marble or laser engraved and gold filled. Very up-scale at moderate price:

Beautiful Piano Wood Plaque

Beautiful Piano Wood with Imported LaserSketch Marble Laser Engraved and Gold Color-Filled.
(for illustration only)

Beautiful PWRW-8100, Rosewood, Piano Wood and Gold Color-filled

PWJB-8100 Jet Black Piano Wood with Laser Engraved Metal Plaque

Jet black Piano Wood Plaque Gold -Color Filled

Jet Black Piano Wood Plaque


Gleaming Piano Wood Plaques, Elegant High Gloss Finish Mounts vertical or horizontal.

 Rosewood or Jet Black:

PWRW-680:  Rosewood Plaque, 6" x 8": @$11.55 Qty.
PWJB-680: Jet Black Plaque, 6" x 8": @$11.55 Qty.
PWRW-790:  Rosewood Plaque, 7" x 9": @$13.83 Qty.
PWJB-790:  Jet Black Plaque, 7" x 9": @$13.83 Qty.
PWRW-8100: Rosewood Plaque, 8" x 10": @$ 16.98 Qty.
PWJB-8100: Jet Black Plaque, 8" x 10":  @$16.98 Qty.
PWRW-9120: Rosewood 9" x 12": @$22,58 Qty.
PWJB-9120: Jet Black Plaque, 9" x 12" : @$22.58 Qty.
PWRW-10130: Rosewood Plaque 10" x 13": @$27.83 Qty.
PWJB-10130: Jet Black Plaque, 10" x 13": @$27.83 Qty.
PWRW-12150: Rosewood Plaque, 12" x 15":  @$36.58 Qty.
PWJB-12150: Jet Black Plaque, 12" x 15":   @$ 36.58 Qty.


Laser Engravable Dark Green Marble Plaque Tiles

M-DG-4" x 6" x 6mm, ASP: @$9.79 Qty.
M-DG-5" x 7" x 6mm, ASP: @$9.19 Qty.
M-DG-6" x 8" x 6mm, ASP: @$14.11 Qty.
Out of Stock
M-DG-7" x 10" x 6mm, ASP: @$ 19.30
M-DG-8" x 10" x 6mm, ASP: @$18.85 Qty.
M-DG-9" x 12" x 8mm, ASP: @$23.82 Qty.


Laser Engravable Anodized Aluminum Plaque Stock,

Less than a Three Sheet order will incur a $8.50 Box Charge

BSAAL: Bright Silver, (Mirror),  Anodized Aluminum, 12" x 24" x 020": @$ 16.49 Qty.
BGAAL: Bright Gold, Anodized Aluminum, 12" x 24" x 0.020": @$17.73 Qty.
BRAAL: Bright Red, Anodized Aluminum, 12" x 24" x 0.020":@$20.14 Qty.

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