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Marble Pen Base & Accessories

Marble Pen Base & Accessories

   Mosa Black Marble Base and Clock                       Dark Green Marble Pen Base Assembly. DMPBA-Kit

Pricing as of 09/19/08:

Gold Retractable (GPRLP-1), Ball Point Pen or (GPRLP-2), Pencil

GPF-SOP: Gold Funnel and Swivel

GMC: 4" Gold Memo Clip


Dark Green Marble Pen and Pencil Set Parts:
GPRLP-1: Slim Gold Retractable Panel Line Ball Point Pen,  6.5" Long, use Cross Refills: @$3.77 Qty.  
GPRLP-2: Slim Gold Retractable Panel Line Pencil, 6.5" Long: @$7.07 Qty.  
GPF-SOP: Smooth Gold Funnel & Swivel w/Gold Stick-On-Plate: @$3.83 Qty.  
GMC: Four Inch Tall Gold Memo Clip w/Gold Stick-On-Plate: @$5.18 Qty.
DG-MPB-1: Dark Marble Pen Base, 3" x 8" x 7/8": @$6.50 Qty.
Gold-EP: Gold Anodized Aluminum Engravable Plate, 7-3/4" x 7/8": @$1.50 Qty.  
DG-MPBA-Kit, Dark Green  Marble Pen Base Assemble Kit,  w/Gold Engraving Plate: @$23.67 Qty.  
M-MB-CK-Arch-ASP: Mosa Black Marble Base and Clock, 4" x 5" x 1-9/16" : @$16.00 Qty.  
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