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Folding Easel Back

Quantity Discount:
10pc/cases -10%, 15pc/cases -15%, 20pc/cases up -20%
You may mix sizes for case count







Folding Easel back, 1/16" thick cardboard, black matte finish on back, Folding easel stand and two hanging rings, Vertical or Horizontal.
EB 44, fits 4" x 4": tile,    $1.22 Qty.
EB 66, fits 6" x 6": tile,    $1.38 Qty.
EB 68, fits 6" x 8" tile, @$1.58 Qty.
EB 810, fits 8" x 10" tile, @$1.78 Qty.
EB 88, fits 8" x 8" tile, @$1.78 Qty.
EB 1212, fits 12" x 12" tile, @$3.18 Qty.

Attach Easel back to Tile via use of Silicon Glue

Quantity Discount will be given on final invoice

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Last Updated: 04/02/2018