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LaserSketch's Dealers Show Case of Photoengraving:

From time to time dealers send us samples of their work to review for ideas on improvement or possible different setting for their laser engraving machine. Some of the work that we see is out-standing.  We have decides to put up this web page to illustrate what some of the laser engravers are accomplishing. If you should have an engraving that you believe is out standing please take a photo, (high resolution), of your work and eMail the jpeg file to the below address. We will put your laser engraving up for all to see. Be sure to include all the information on your laser engrave, setting, software, power, speed, dpi or ppi,  your company name, address and any other information that can be posted.

Send to info@lasersketch.com, we will get back to you if we need any other information or clarification. Do not be shy, we have over 100,000 hits per month.









Photo Etched on LaserSketch Absolute Black Marble, M-AB-12EP.
30/30 P/S  35 Watt Co2 Laser.

Pat Giancontieri
Laser Design Solution, Inc.
225 Cortland St.
Lindenhurst, NY 11757

To view some outstanding laser engraving visit Pat's web site below:




Absolute Black Hard Marble, Plaque, 5" x 7" x 8mm: Laser Engraved by Gary Hebb of Gary Hebb Assoc, Inc.

Laser Engraver: Universal, VersaLaser, 25watt, PhotoGraV Software, 500ppi, 85% power, 50% speed, (Maximum on Versa Laser), Quality #5.









Boy-Girl on Glass, 5" x 7" x 1/4" Glass Plate, Laser Engraved by Matt McCreary, LaserSketch, Lemont, Il. Photo taken with front lighting only, Blue back ground.


Laser Engraver: Vytek 2436, Image prepared in PhotoImpact Pro, Processed with PhotoGrav @ 150dpi, 35 Watt Laser, @ 60% Brightness and 50% Speed. The scanning was from a professional photograph, B/W. Scanned @256 color for high resolution. 







Laser Engraved for Kevin Warren, Richwood Gifts & Awards Sales, Inc, Elora, Canada, By Advancedlasercreations.com









LaserEngraving done on LaserSketch's MB LaserGrade Granite, by LaserWorks of Alabama, ~ 20' in diameter. Blow this picture up to see the great detail, one of the finest large scale laser engraving that I have ever seem.


LaserSketch Ltd
1319 Enterprises
Romeoville, Illinois


Last Updated: 04/02/2018