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Advantage 500

Laser Fume Extraction

AD 1000


Mid to high end extractors for heavy duty Laser Marking, Coding and Engraving Industries

  • Blower with high airflow and pressure
  • Filters with long life and low replacement cost
  • Easi-Glide filter location mechanism
  • Automatic closed loop flow control system
  • Optional VOC gas sensors
  • Technically advanced stop/start interfaces to laser

BOFA's mid to high end range of laser extraction systems combine extremely large filter capacity with high airflows and pressure. This combination makes them ideal for heavy duty applications that generate large amounts of particulate and gaseous organic compounds. Each system benefits from Automatic Closed Loop Flow Control. This feature enables the end user to set the required airflow for the application. The unit will then maintain this airflow throughout the life cycle of the filters.

The additional feature of BOFA's patent pending Easi-Glide filter location mechanism makes filter change easy, quick and safe. A truly state of the art laser fume purification solution.

Model - Stainless Steel (SS) or
Powder Coated (PC) options
24V Stop / Start Filter change / System failure signal VOC Monitoring PVC Upgrade Hose Kit*
AD500-SS 230V L0652A A2001 A2002 A2003 A2004 A1020069
115V L0651A
AD500-PC 230V L0642A A2001 A2002 A2003 A2004 A1020069
115V L0641A
* Other Hose Kits are available. All of the above units are fitted with our standard filter combinations. For specific applications please call us for details.
Model Pre Filter Combined HEPA / Gas Filter Disposable Gas Filter 25kg Refillable Gas Filter Tray 25Kg Refill Bag of Carbon PVC HEPA Filter PVC Gas Filter
AD500 A1030058 A1030059 A1030061 A1030063 A1030064 A1030060 A1030062
* Other Filters are available. Please call us for details.
Model AD500  
Dimensions (hxwxd)   48 x 23.6 x 30.3"
Cabinet construction   Brushed stainless steel /
Powder coated mild steel
Blower   1.1kw 294cfm
Electronics   115v 50/60Hz
Full load current: 14.4 amps
Pre Filter
Filter Media Glass Fiber
Surface Media Area 2.5m� approx
Filter Media Construction 8 Pocket Bag Filter
Filter Efficiency F6 (75% @ 0.8 microns)
Gas and HEPA Filter
HEPA Filter Media Glass Fiber
HEPA Media
Maxi Fold Construction with Webbing Spacers
Gasket Neoprene with Adhesive Backing
Filter Efficiency H13 (99.997% @ 0.3 microns)
Activated Carbon 25 Kgs approx
Filter Housing Zintec Mild Steel

AD 500 Pre Filter

AD 500/1000/1500 Pre Filter

AD 500 Gas & HEPA Filter

AD 500/1000/1500 Gas & HEPA Filter
Components Diagram

Components Diagram
Airflow Through Filters
Airflow Through Filters


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